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Truckin' Links

If You Got It - A Trucker Brought It!

Think about it... Look around you and try to find something that wasn't in some way involved in a truck.
I've had people tell me that all those trucks don't need to be on the road, we could move things just as well by rail. Well, folks, the sad truth is the railroad tracks don't come to my local grocery stores here in Gloversville, NY.
And, come to think of it, if they did, the same people would probably complain about the train whistle at 2 a.m.

My Soap Box

As it says in the about me section, I am an OTR(Over The Road) Truck Driver. Many people forget that Truckers are people too. We have families waiting patiently (and not so patiently) at home for us. It's just as hard for the family at home to be away from us as it is for us on the road.

Driving is NOT a game, yet many times it feels to me like people in cars want to see if they can play "Chicken" with me. I guess they just don't comprehend what would happen to their lives and mine if they lost. I have been lucky and never hit anyone, but there were times I know God was driving that rig, not me.

I know how impatient people can be while trying to get 80,000 pounds of iron rolling. I have had people STUPID enough to pass me on a two-lane road coming through the intersection. I wonder how much time they would have saved if there had been another truck coming the other way and made a flattened tin and oil spot out of their car?

If you are a driver then you should understand the following points. They're by no means a comprehensive list of driving tips, but they're some of my pet peeves:

Ok, I had to get some of that out of my system. Now here are some links to Trucker's home pages, Trucking Family support groups, and Trucking Stuff.

Truckin' Links And Driver's Home Pages

Retired Truckers Don't Die - They Just Get A New Peterbilt!
Trucker Charlie's Center for retired drivers.

KWFlatbed's site with links to trucking, police and MIA information.

Layover Home Page is a nice site with a caring attitude to driver's and their families

ProudRebel's Truckers Wives Club
Trucker's Wives and Families are welcome at ProudRebel's Truckers Wives Club
(Driver's can stop by,too)

Cross Trucking
The Home of the Semi-Sweet WebRing

CW's Page
CW's Page - Dedicated to Drivers

Nice pictures of trucks can be seen at BadgerOutlaw's Truckers Page
Another trucker from New York Pound Puppy's Dog House
Walt Hillman's Collection of some of the best trucking linksThe Big WOW BABY Winners List
Ed has put up an excellent CW McCall site - looking for info? Check There First!
An interview with Interview With Bill Fries (CW McCall)
Old Radio Commercial for Midland CB Done by CW McCall

These links are presented in no particular order. I am not associated in any way with any commercial links except for the three immediately below this section. Please note that I WILL NOT allow this page to be used by recruiters and headhunters for any company I have not personally worked for. The three trucking companies I will recommend are listed here:
Schneider National
  1. Schneider National Carriers Took a chance on me and gave me the chance to learn the business. It is a good place to get your feet wet, and then look around and stick around. I was there for 4 years, and I'm pretty fussy about who I work for. They take a little getting used to, but be patient and loud when necessary and you can make a good living with them. They didn't get to be the Largest Truckload Carrier in the USA by not knowing their business. I'm proud to say that my father also drove for these folks many years ago.
  2. Keen Transport Is the second carrier I worked for. If you want to try "Heavy Haul" and be treated as good as any driver can hope for, check them out. I liked them so much, I had my son try it out before he went back to hauling regular freight because the pace in heavy haul was much slower than a twenty-something wanted. I had to leave when my knees started giving me too much grief climbing up and down the machines.
  3. I drove for Roehl Transport for seven years. They're a good place for new drivers to consider. They have several different work schedules including some options for drivers who want a little more home time while still running over the road.
  4. I'm currently working for S.L.A. Transport. They're a small regional carrier located right here in my hometown. I'm home most nights but still get to run a little distance.
All other links that are of commercial nature are here because I found them interesting and hope you will,too. I will happily accept recommendations for this page but I reserve the right to refuse to list ANY commercial links.

Industry news, weather, mapping, products
and forums about our business

Need truck routing? Go to TruckMiles at
PATT is a group trying to reduce Trucker fatigue.
A direct link to the family center is at Homeroad.
Take a look around Keith's site at The Trucker's Page.
Want to be bilingual? (Get your mind out of the gutter - It mean's you can talk two languages.) Check out the Trucker Slang and you'll be comin' in loud n' proud, wall to wall and treetop tall in a short-short! Nowhadamene?
Loved Ones and Driver Support (L.O.A.D.S.) is another support group for Trucker's and their families.
Schneider Trucks are bright Omaha Orange and tend to look a little like Pumpkins. As a driver of these trucks, I was, of course, a Pumpkindriver. Here's a nice place to get to know other driver's minds and get questions answered if you are considering a trucking career.
Want to check on National Traffic and Road Closure Information?
The folks at Intec Video make safety cameras for backing up.

Truckin' News and Events NEWS
The Trucker Online
RoadStar Online

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