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Found in newsgroup: sci.physics

Hokay, enough. I've been watching this question linger on for literally years!
Photons do not have mass, because they are _Buddhists_. That's it! There have been some heretical sects of Photons of the Virtual Particle which held mass, but that was a negative mass; some say it was actually a black mass, but this is a dark matter. Their prelates wore rich purple robes and vied with each other to wear more iridescent ones, until finally the robes for their sheen could not be seen at all! This was the infamous ultra-violet catastrophe. By this time an infinity of photons had already collected in the dark church, so that Pope Planck found it necessary to excommunicate the whole lot of them at once! They all vanished down a black hole in a body, and that's why we have black bodies to this day. But never, since that moment, has there ever been another photonic mass. Deo Gratias.
Now you know the truth, and can stop arguing.

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