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My Boss Was a Jewish Carpenter

This is truly of the Lord

Have you ever really tried Talking to God?
We all know that Friends make the world go 'round.
We all have a special angel, do you know yours?
What do Angels look like?

I am not an overly religious man, however, I am a Christian. One of the things that has bothered me for many years is that the Bible doesn't seem to indicate specifically that Jesus was a happy man.
We know He was a working man and it seems He was well liked and invited to many social functions. It seems the "Best" miracles all happened at some sort of gathering. If that's where He did it most of His work, it follows that He was probably quick with humor and perhaps a mild retort now and then.

I have always believed God has a marvelous sense of humor. Look at some of the animals He gave us. The animals will cavort and look silly when they are enjoying themselves. I honestly believe somedays when God is bored, He looks down and sees me and points and laughs and my life becomes more, ummmm, shall we say "interesting".

If you are offended by humor and religion and can't lighten up, the rest of this page is not for you. Some of the links are to church parody sites which poke fun at churches. I find them funny and hope you won't take them too seriously.

Have you ever wondered about how modern conveniences tie to religion? What about Religion and the lightbulb? What about religious quests? We know not all people welcomed the invasions. Perhaps the armies needed a Holy Handgrenade. Some times we have to adjust to modern times. Here is a new millenium version of The 23rd Psalm.

Do you have a number of churches in your neighborhood? I hope so. Diversity in things can help people of intelligence agree to disagree civilly. We all know of the major Christian religions, so I will leave it to you, gentle reader, to find the information on them if that is your desire. Do you know how to tell if you belong to a Country Church? On the other hand, there are some religions which are not so well organized or publicized. For example, The Holy Church of Moo teaches that "The fence is there for a reason" and other truisms. At the The Virtual Church Of The Blind Chihuahua we learn it is ok to be ridiculous before God. We can learn many lessons from Barney Fife and his friends in Mayberry. At The First Church of Jesus Christ,Elvis we get evidence that Elvis was Jesus or vice versa. As I mentioned above, we know God gave us animals. Some believe that God is a Gerbil. Others, however, believe God is a less active being. He may be an avocado for all we know.

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