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Time Sheet Standards

It has come to my attention recently that many people have been turning
in timesheets that specify large amounts of "Miscellaneous Unproductive
Time" (code 5300).  To our department, unproductive time isn't a

What is a problem is not knowing exactly what people are doing during
their unproductive time.

I've attached a sheet specifying a tentative extended job list based on
my observations of employee activities.  The list will allow you to
specify with a fair amount of precision what you are doing during your
unproductive time.  Please distribute this as necessary, and let me
know about any difficulties.

For your timesheets:
Job number    Explanation
----------    -----------
 5300         Meeting
 5300-100       Obstructing Communications at Meeting
 5300-200       Trying to Sound Knowledgeable While in Meeting

 5310         Breaks
 5310-100       Waiting for Break
 5310-110         Buying Snack
 5310-120         Eating Snack
 5310-200       Waiting for Lunch
 5310-210         Ordering Out
 5310-220         Waiting for Food Delivery to Arrive
 5310-230         Taking it Easy While Digesting Food
 5310-300       Waiting for End of Day
 5310-400       Personal Evacuation
 5310-410         Extended Visit to the Bathroom (at least 10 minutes)
 5310-500       Company Drug Policy
 5310-510         Recreational Drug Use

 5320         Employee Relations
 5320-100       Gossip
 5320-110         Vicious Verbal Attacks Directed at Coworker
 5320-120         Vicious Verbal Attacks Directed at Coworker While Coworker
                    is not Present
 5320-200       Imcompetence
 5320-210         Covering for Incompetence of Coworker Friend
 5320-220         Covering for Incompetence of Manager
 5320-300       Dealing with Fellow Workers
 5320-310         Pretending You Like Coworker
 5320-320         Pretending You Like Important People When in Reality They
                    are Jerks
 5320-330         Asking Coworker to Aid You in an Illicit Activity
 5320-400       Hazing of Employees
 5320-410         Playing Pranks on the New Employee
 5320-420         Playing Pranks on a Regular Employee
 5320-430         Playing Pranks on an Incompetent Employee
 5320-440         Playing Pranks on a Competent Employee
 5320-450         Playing Pranks on the Intern/Temp
 5320-460         Taking Credit for Playing Pranks on any Employee
 5320-500       Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
 5320-510         Making Passes at Coworker
 5320-520         Sexually Harassing Coworker
 5320-530         Sexual Intercourse
 5320-540         Flirting

 5330         Employee Training
 5330-100       Concepts and Procedures
 5330-110         Trying to Explain Concept to Coworker Who is not
                    Interested in Learning
 5330-120         Trying to Explain Concept to Coworker Who is Stupid
 5330-130         Trying to Explain Concept to Coworker Who Hates You

 5340         Procurement
 5340-100       Company Goods
 5340-110         Stealing Company Goods
 5340-120         Making Excuses after Accidentally Destroying Company Goods
 5340-130         Grocery Shopping (Coffee, Tea, M&M's...)
 5340-200       Company Resources
 5340-210         Using Company Resources for Personal Profit
 5340-220         Running your own Business on Company Time
 5340-230         Working on a second job during Company Time

 5350         Timesheet Activities
 5350-100       Filling Out Timesheet
 5350-200       Timesheet Entries
 5350-210         Inventing Timesheet Entries
 5350-220         Organizing Timesheet Entries

 5360         Telephone Activities
 5360-100       Long-Distance Calls
 5360-110         Personal Calls
 5360-200       Speaking to a professional
 5360-210         Divorce Lawyer
 5360-220         Plumber
 5360-230         Dentist
 5360-240         Doctor
 5360-300       Speaking to a contractor
 5360-310         Fence (In Order to Sell Stolen Company Goods)
 5360-320         Masseuse
 5360-330         House Painter
 5360-340         Personal Therapist
 5360-350         Mistress
 5360-400       Sales Calls
 5360-410         Someone who wants to be your broker
 5360-420         Hardware vendors who think you make decisions
 5360-430         Software vendors who think the company will spend money to
                  make your job easier
 5360-440         Systems vendors who want to automate your job

 5370         Complaints
 5370-100       Bitching about:
 5370-110         Lousy Job
 5370-120         Low Pay
 5370-130         Long Hours
 5370-140         Coworker
 5370-150         Boss
 5370-160         Personal Problems
 5370-170         General Bitching
 6370-180         Business Difficulties

 5380         Inspirational Activities
 5380-100       Anticipation
 5380-110         Waiting for Something to Happen
 5380-200       Personal Hygene
 5380-210         Scratching Yourself
 5380-220         Sleeping
 5380-300       Personal Feelings
 5389-310         Feeling Horny
 5380-320         Feeling Bored
 5380-330         Feeling Sorry For Yourself
 5380-400       Meditation
 5380-410         Staring Into Space
 5380-420         Staring At Computer Screen
 5380-430         Transcendental Meditation
 5380-500       Fantasizing
 5380-510         Pretending to Work While Boss Is Watching
 5380-520         Pretending to Enjoy Your Job
 5380-530         Unproductive Fantasizing

 5390         Networking 
 5390-100       Fictional Writing
 5390-110         Writing a Book on Company Time
 5390-120         Writing an expose about the Company on Company Time
 5390-200       Technical Writing
 5390-210         Sending Jokes around the Office
 5390-220         Sending Jokes around the Internet

 5400         Event Planning
 5400-100       Birthdays
 5400-200       Anniversaries
 5400-300       Vacations
 5400-400       Weddings

   This was sent to me in a more disorganized format. I reworked it and
organized it. (Time Code 5380-510)


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